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Welcome to the Oslo City Hall

Welcome to the Oslo City Hall. Please use our web pages to find information regarding areas relevant to the City Hall’s General Services.

Day-to-day political and administrative management takes place at Oslo City Hall, where the City Council and the City Government are based. The mayor and the governing mayor both have offices here and the building houses about 450 municipal employees, as well as elected politicians and their staff.

Mayor Hieronymus Heyerdahl, known as the 'father' of the City Hall, proposed the construction of a new city hall in 1915, but another 35 years were to pass before its doors were finally opened to the citizens of Oslo, on 15 May 1950.

The Oslo City Hall is the capital's most important public venue, hosting about 300 major and minor functions each year, the most well-known being the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

The Oslo City Hall's unique architecture and art collection attract more than 300 000 national and international visitors each year. The building is constructed entirely from Norwegian materials and all the works of art are by Norwegian artists.

Passing through a succession of historic rooms, visitors can appreciate art created by masters such as Per Krohg, Henrik Sørensen, Alf Rolfsen and Edvard Munch. The City Hall is a powerful symbol of the values, traditions and history of Oslo and Norway.

Welcome to Oslo City Hall, the very heart of Norway’s capital city.

Learn more about the people, the art work, the history and the events which makes the City Hall unique.


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